Your Pet and Cannabis

If you have been a part of any online websites or forums about cannabis, you may have heard questions about pets and marijuana. More specifically, people sometimes wonder if it is safe or effective to give their pet marijuana or check to see if they need to bring their pet to the vet after it was accidentally ingested. Some people are curious about what to do if their pet gets on the counter when they aren’t home and munches down on some leftover edibles on the table.

The fact about this situation is that your pets can in fact get high from ingesting marijuana. Now, let me stop you right there before you get the bright idea to let your dog take a hit from your bong; sometimes, animals do not experience getting high in the same way that humans do. In fact, it is true that it can potentially be an awful experience for our four legendary friends, not at all like the euphoric or happy trip that cannabis takes us down. For some smaller animals, consuming certain amounts of marijuana can actually be life threatening! So think twice before you give your little guy something to take the edge off – it just might take everything instead. 

I have a story about this exact sort of scenario. One weekend I was with my friends on a break from the fall semester at university, and we were just minding our own business on his porch and smoking some weed out of his pipe. We had also been doing edibles that night, and I believe that we must have left the opened package of gummies on the table back inside. We spent an hour or so on the front porch just chilling and talking about life; the nice thing about living in Michigan is that recreational marijuana is legalized for adults over the age of 21, so smoking on the porch was not a huge issue around that area.

Anyways, I got up to go to the bathroom inside and opened the door to see my friend’s dog lying on the couch, all fours up in the air. It turns out that he got up on the table and ate the entire rest of the pack of THC gummies, and now the poor thing was high out of his mind. I thought my friend and I were high, but this dog was basically on pluto. I told my friend that his dog was down for the count, but we didn’t want to try to take the dog to the vet because we had also been smoking. We ended up just letting the little guy sleep it off and he was fine after a few days, but he definitely did not enjoy the experience. All of that to say – don’t let your pets consume marijuana, because it can be really bad for them and even cause some serious medical problems.

However, I will mention that there are certain CBD products made and marketed specifically for pets. Most of these products are just CBD, however, because CBD oil is a really effective way of delivering a variety of health benefits to pets. Some pets, especially older ones, suffer from muscle soreness, digestive issues, joint problems, and many other factors that CBD can actually play a part in treating. Many people use CBD products for their pets and notice a real difference in their pet’s comfort and energy levels. That being said, it is definitely important to keep all of your own cannabis products out of reach from your cat or dog, just to make sure that they do not get into anything and hurt themselves.