Marketing Tips For Weed Dispensaries

If you have been in the cannabis industry for a while now, you may have trouble keeping up with the competition. The fact that more and more states are legalizing medical marijuana on a regular basis is great for us cannabis consumers, but it can make life tough for all of our friends at dispensaries. Why? Because new sellers continue to enter the market and add to the level of competition from dispensary to dispensary.

Granted, marijauan is one of those products that basically sells itself. If you have a good setup and a good product, you are bound to have success as a dispensary. However, we live in the age of the consumer with a lot of choices at the same time, and marketing is more important now than it has ever been. The medical marijuana industry is becoming extremely lucrative as more states set up policies and laws around it, which makes it even more attractive for business entrepreneurs who are trying to get in on the cannabis cash. Sales of marijuana from state to state are predicted to increase each year well into the 2030s.

This kind of confidence in a growing industry makes it super easy for people to jump on the bandwagon and try their hand at owning and managing a medical marijuana dispensary. As the market of cannabis evolves, however, dispensaries are going to have to try a lot harder to get patients to come to their store. Right now, any dispensary that opens up can pretty much guarantee an influx of patients trying to get their hands on marijuana. Dispensaries are going to need to be more innovative and set themselves apart from other places in the future. We can already see that in some states, like California, Colorado, and Florida, the cannabis industry is becoming much more competitive.

So what are some marketing tips for marijuana dispensaries? Well, the biggest one that I can give you is to heavily lean into the medical side of marijuana. Even though some medical patients are merely using cannabis as a means to treat their chronic diseases or conditions, there is still a big stigma associated with using cannabis. To combat that, dispensaries should stray from the pop culture and pothead aesthetic when opening their store. Instead, lean into the clinical, professional, and medical side of cannabis, even if you are opening up a recreational weed dispensary.

This will make people feel more comfortable about buying cannabis and will help add to the credibility of cannabis being used as a natural, medicinal alternative to enjoy the benefits of on a regular basis. The most successful types of dispensaries are ones that are approachable, safe, and helpful, like any other professional retail establishment. Make sure that you are making patients feel comfortable when they visit your store, and don’t make them feel stupid for asking questions about marijuana that seem obvious. Some people genuinely do not know much about cannabis, and that’s okay because we are here to help them!

Another tip for marketing your dispensary is to diversify the content that you are creating to appeal to a variety of patient age groups. The awesome thing about marijuana is that it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Interestingly, the fastest growing consumer demographic for medical cannabis is patients of 65 years of age or older. It’s not just the young kids smoking weed after school. Now that weed is truly seen as a natural option for managing pain and chronic illnesses, people of older age are really starting to see the benefits of it.