Veterans and Cannabis 

Veterans in the United States are arguably one of the most voiceless and overlooked people groups in the country. Currently, there are more than 20 million military veterans in the United States, and there is a complete lack of resources and options available to these people who may be struggling with finances, relationships, housing, work, career path, mental health, and so much more. Veterans’ mental health needs to be a much more prominent conversation when it comes to this country.

These man and women have served diligently and protected us from the threat of terrorism and other evil organizations that would like to destory us. However, we do not always return the favor in protecting our veterans from homelessness, unemployment, and mental health problems. Did you know that veterans are the most at risk people group in this country to death by suicide?

Many veterans who have been discharged from military service have trouble integrating back into society and the programs provided by the Federal Government are not always helpful. Are there ways that cannabis can help in treating the mental health illnesses that veterans suffer from? I think so. Many veterans feel that there is a stigma around mental health and trying to get help, so advocating for this group of people is super important. Using cannabis as an alternative method to treat anxiety, PTSD, depression, chronic pain, and other conditions that veterans have to live with may be really impactful in giving these people more hope and escape from their mental health problems.

So what are some of the problems associated with PTSD? What kind of obstacles would we be treating by using cannabis to fight back against poor mental health? Well, to start, PTSD usually manifests itself as a deep fear of trust in relationships. Many veterans who suffer with PTSD struggle to trust other people and this has to do with their desire to be able to control their environment the best that they can and reduce risk of injury (whether physical or mental). This can cause veterans to push people away and avoid developing deep and intimate relationships, which can add to the feelings of loneliness and isolation that they may already feel.

How can cannabis help in this area? Well, cannabis is actually a really good way to mellow out anxious thoughts that veterans may be living with. If a person is struggling to feel comfortable in social situations or trust those around them, it could be because they are staying hypervigilant of their surroundings and relationships; basically, these people are always on age. Certain strains of cannabis are great for taking the edge off while still allowing the individual to function and complete normal tasks from day to day. 

Another way that veterans struggling with PTSD may struggle is sleeping at night. After our men and women have come back from overseas, especially in heightened combat situations, they may have trouble sleeping through the night without disruptions. Some veterans are not able to sleep at night because of their anxiety and stress, while others are inflicted with nightmares about things they have done and experienced. It can also be really hard for military veterans to talk about the trauma that they have experienced.

Many of them have repressed and compartmentalized their trauma in ways that make it really hard to bring up again. Using medical marijuana can definitely help veterans when it comes to falling asleep at night and feeling more at peace and relaxed in their own beds. In fact, many people suffering from anxiety disorders prefer indica strains of marijuana, because it creates intense waves of calm and peacefulness while you fall asleep.

Great Gift Ideas For Cannabis Lovers

This is a really busy time of year as we all know. November and December are arguably the most stressful months of the year, which is a really sad fact in my opinion. Thanksgiving and Christmas are great holidays to spend with family and friends and to be grateful for life itself and what you have. However, some people stress way too much about the holidays and this can partially be attributed to having to get gifts for people. Giving gifts to your family and friends is a great way to show your love for them and express your joy, but it can also be a bit pricey depending on what you buy and how many people you have to buy gifts for.

Are people in your life really interested in weed? Now that marijuana is legal in over 35 states, it is becoming more and more accessible across the United States. With that being said, there is a good chance that you know someone who enjoys smoking the bud every now and then. If you are struggling to find gift ideas for that special someone, know that you can always turn to the cannabis community for great marijuana related gift ideas.

After all, we will probably just tell you about the things that we wish we could get. Now I know what you are thinking – marijuana can be expensive and you do not want to spend that much over the holidays. While that is a fair point, I will counter this by saying that we have some cheaper gift ideas for your weed loving family and friends that won’t necessarily break the bank. Keep in mind that these gift ideas only work for people that are living in states where recreational marijuana is legalized, otherwise you’ll be running into cannabis laws and medical marijuana policies. 

The first gift idea that we have is on one of my favorite holidays of the year – it’s called Green Wednesday. Many dispensaries in the country have started participating in the annual tradition  of Green Wednesday in which you can save a ton of money on your monthly allotment of weed. Dispensaries all over the country will be a part of this holiday, and there are many great sales going on that allow you to buy a lot of weed for relatively cheap. You’d be spending way more on cannabis if the deals were not going on! So you might as well take advantage of it. Plus, you can even engage with curbside pickup or home delivery if you are not wanting to actually go inside the dispensary. Using this time to stock on marijuana is perfect, and you can give things away as gifts. Let’s face it, receiving straight up marijuana as a christmas present is pretty much the best feeling ever. 

Another gift idea that we thought of for weed lovers is the raw bamboo rolling tray. For the real cannabis enthusiasts that like to make their pre-rolls at home, there is no better gift than the ability to keep everything nice and tidy. Some people like to do things their own way. Plus, it is worth noting that this tray can separate and go back together in different ways to make sure that you are getting the optimal amount of use, and so that you can roll your joints right or left handed! Honestly, you really should invest in one of these anyways if you smoke marijuana yourself. I hope that this article was helpful to you and that you’re prepared for the holidays in about a month or so.